Wednesday, April 17, 2013

S&W Bonus: Doors in the Dungeon

So I had another post ready for tomorrow, but I thought, "Why not today?" So here you get my S&W bonus post -- Doors!

What does that door that you're standing in front of look like?

Dungeon Doors (d10)

  1. Curtain (roll d4: 1=bead curtain, 2=frilly pastel curtains, 3=thick tie-dyed curtain, 4=tapestry depicting the current adventurers)
  2. Flimsy hollow-core door. +2 to bust down. Easily smashed by stunted, wheezing wizard. 
  3. Solid wood door. Normal dungeon door.
  4. Iron-bound oak door. -1 to bust down.
  5. Oak-bound iron door. Looks like an oak door. -2 to bust down. Buster takes d3 damage.
  6. Steel door. Find a cooperative rust monster. Or bribe one. Or chase one from another part of the dungeon. If you have a pick, perhaps you can chop through the wall. Otherwise, move along.
  7. Doorway has an illusion of a door cast on it. While investigating and fiddling with the 'door', it appears to be solid. If someone busts it down, they will pass through it like air and can't stop for ten feet from their momentum. This could be very bad if there's a pit on the other side.
  8. A section wall has an illusion of a door cast on it. There's 40' of stone behind it. Buster takes d4 damage.
  9. Glass door painted to look like wood. Busts easily, but buster takes d6 damage from broken glass.
  10. Holographic forcefield. Looks like a regular door. Buster bounces off and thrown 10'. Takes d6 damage. Can only be opened with a key. Key may be any object.

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  1. I like any post can use buster in it several times. I've been trying to come up with a table for dungeon doors. Now I don't have to.