Saturday, May 25, 2013

The One-Page Dungeon Contest 2013 has winners!

We have winners! The One-Page Dungeon Contest is concluded and here are the winners.

Dungeon Name Author Category
A Stolen Spring LSF Best Fantasy Mystery
Arena of Blood bygrinstow Most Macabre
Church of Consumption Simon Forster Best Religion
Citadel of the Severed Hand Rob S Best Myconids
Court of the King of No Men Misha Favorov Best Beastmen
Devil’s Acre Roger SG Sorolla Best Single Location
Down Among the Dead Men Daniel O’Donnell Best Undead
Girly Girl Dungeon Kaylee Thumann Most Original
Into The Demon Idol Jobe Bittman Best Homage
Iron Cloud Caelum Roberts Best Sci-Fi
Only Acrobats Need Apply Andrew and Heleen Durston Best Swashbuckling
Something Happened At The Temple Near Glourm Ramsey Hong Best Map
The Baleful Spring S. J. Harris Best Tower
The Brittlestone Parapets Gus L. Best Wizard Duel
The Burial Mound of Gilliard Wolfclan Josh Burnett Best One Shot
The Giant’s Dollhouse Jens Thuresson Best Fairy-Tale
Wizard in the Woods Matthew W. Schmeer Best Non-Traditional Map

For the official post, here's the One-Page Dungeon Contest 2013 site.

You can download a PDF of the winners and a PDF of all entries here.

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