Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cancer patient fund drive to give away old school games

Randall Stukey, the mastermind behind the MicroLite retro-clones of d20, OD&D, B/X (MicroLite20, MicroLite74, and MicroLite81, respectively), is having another fund drive to help pay for his wife's medical bills after a long bout with cancer: The Holiday 2013 Cancer Fund Drive.

This time a large box of old school games from the 70s and 80s (not published by TSR) have been donated as prizes. Such rare games and adventures as The Interfax of Spells: Necromancy and Black Magic, The Compleat Fantasist, Book of Artifacts, The Lost Abbey of CalthonweyThe Mines of Keridav, and Ironhoof Highlands are among the offerings.

I can't wait to donate and see if I can get some of these rare gems.

So follow the above link, donate some cash via PayPal, and help someone in need. Maybe, just maybe, you can win some sweet swag.

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