Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Infra-Red Lightbulb!

On the way to U-Con last Thursday, we stopped at Pegasus Games in Madison, because I forgot my Megamat at home. While perusing the shelves, I noticed the Mongoose Games edition of Paranoia, which I hadn't seen before. Paranoia is one of those games I've always wanted to play. I remarked to my travel companion, +John Till. Later at U-Con, he ran his Project Generations generation ship playtest using FAE.

Somewhere in roiling miasma of a weekend of roleplaying, my brain latched onto these two things and came up with a mashup:

The starship Warden, an enormous generation ship cruising through interstellar space, has a problem: its artificially-intelligent computer is insane. Bucolic village life has been replaced with fear and loathing, secret societies and clones. Welcome to: 

Metamorphosis Alpha Complex

This looks to be a match made in Heaven, or perhaps more accurately Hades. Both settings have clones. Both settings have AI computers running the show. Both settings have mutants. Both settings have the equivalent of Troubleshooters.

This just makes me giddily happy. It makes my inner GM cackle with conspiratorial delight.

#MetamorphosisAlpha #ParanoiaRPG

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