Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frunobulax "Frux", Wizard -- HOW character

Frux started as a hireling of Sir Trevor of Cumbria, while he was questing for the Grail. After many adventures and several close calls, he decided to join the quest in ernest.

(Frux was converted from a TFT version here.)

ST: 10
DX: 11
IQ: 11
EN: 10

Wizard's Staff: 5 EN
Robes (-1 AR, -1 DX)

Reveal Magic
Lesser Fire
Shock Shield
Reverse Missiles
Summon Bear/2
Detect Enemies

I had to trim back his stats by 4 points, since Frux was experienced, and his spell list is shorter as well. Two spells (Ward and Staff) doesn't show up in the HOW book, so they were cut. I used the Wizard's Staff from Magi Carta to replace Staff spell. Since Frux was a 36 point character in TFT, I decided to add 4 spell levels.

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