Friday, July 4, 2014

Sundown -- Brainer (Apocalypse World)

We started a new campaign last month -- Apocalypse World. We collectively came up with a pretty cool setting and the MC fleshed it out wonderfully. We are in the Wisconsin Dells after an environmental cataclysm. It rains all the time, sometimes it's the black rain. Then people die. The cities are all watery craters, the centers of these of strange perpetual storms called Maelstroms.

The Dells is now called just Dells. The lakes and rivers are MUCH bigger. Everything is wet all the time.

My character is a Brainer, those with the psychic powers. Meet Sundown.

Sundown, Brainer

Androgynous, sweet face, soft eyes, soft body. 

Cheap hooded rain cape, sweat shirt, tee shirt, jeans, leather bomber jacket, combat boots, backpack. 1-armor.

Cool 0
Hard 0
Hot +1
Sharp 0*
Weird +2*
* = highlighted

Chaplin -- Hx +3
Frankie Vett -- Hx +3
Ethan -- Hx +3

Brainer Special
If I have sex with someone, I automatically deep brain scan them. Roll+weird. MC chooses the questions.

Brainer Moves
Casual brain receptivity
In-brain puppet strings

Brainer Gear
Receptivity drugs
Deep ear plugs

Gear & Barter
Hidden knives

When young, Sundown used to trick Dad when he was drunk to get cash, so he wouldn't spend it all on booze.

A man attempted rape at thirteen. Sundown grabbed his head, looked him in the eyes,  and shouted, "Go jump in the river!" He did. She ran home, packed a backpack, kissed her father, and fled. She got picked up by Frankie on a long haul, coming back to Dells. She took her to Lucky, because she thought the bucolic life would be good for her. Unfortunately, her foster father died of a heart attack when she was 15, and her foster mother died in a flood the next year. Sundown lived by manipulating and seducing the local teens into feeding her and clothing her with hand-me-downs. The farmers got angry and she fled again, this time upriver to Dells. 

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