Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Random Table: I wonder what happens if I inject its blood?


What's the first thing an adventurous spacer says after defeating the alien?

"I wonder what happens if I inject its blood?"

Roll d30

  1. Die instantly and melt into a puddle of goo. No chance of resurrection, though cloning might work.
  2. Become immortal.
  3. All damage and scars removed. Lost limbs restored.
  4. Suddenly very attracted to and attractive to members of the alien species.
  5. Become mindless slave of the alien race.
  6. Gain telepathy with alien race.
  7. Gain mind control over members of alien race.
  8. Change into an alien in times of stress.
  9. Coma for d6 days.
  10. Coma for d6 months.
  11. Gain 1d4 random psychic powers.
  12. Gain 1d4 random mutations.
  13. Lose psychic powers.
  14. Contract a wasting disease of the GM's choice.
  15. Your blood can cure others. Someone's going to try to get your blood.
  16. You become a vampire.
  17. You become the opposite sex over the next week.
  18. Nothing happens for three months. Then some physical mutation occurs -- scales, feathers, head ridge, wings, tail, whatever.
  19. You crave the strange foods of the alien species.
  20. Your intelligence goes up by 5.
  21. You get very sick for a week, aches, fever, chills, sleepy. Then you never get sick again.
  22. Your skin begins to slough off until you are just exposed muscles. Then it is replaced by scales.
  23. Synesthesia: your five senses are confused for 2d4 days. You see flavors, smell colors, hear touch, feel smells, and taste sounds or some variation. 
  24. Blood turns into acid. Attacked with sharp objects, attacker suffers 1d3 acid damage.
  25. Bad reaction. Your insides turn out. You die horribly in 20 minus CON rounds!
  26. Hemophilia. When damaged, you suffer an extra 1 point per 5 points of damage.
  27. You start to sweat LSD. And you smell like psychedelic drug factory. Someone would want to make you his living drug machine for sure! And look out for those bums trying to lick your skin for a cheap high!
  28. The alien hosted a sentient nanoswarm that now attempts to take control of you body and mind. Save or be assimilated. If you resist, save again or listen to their voices in your head for 1d6 months.
  29. The character turns into a chrysalis. 2d6 weeks later they emerge transformed. Final form is up to GM.
  30. You get a surge of eldritch power and can cast spells as a 8th level magic user/druid/cleric/illusionist for d3 turns.
Thanks to +Thaumiel Nerub and +George Hammond for a few suggestions.

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