Monday, December 15, 2014

Rayahlto for Narcosmos


This planet's exotic atmosphere contains a small amount of sexaphene gas, which is the only known aphrodisiac that affects all known sophont species. Well, all known sophont species except for the Rayahltonians.

The sexaphene gas extraction industry has made the Rayahltonians hyper-rich, to the point where no one needs to work, and they can devote themselves to the austere and ascetic lifestyle full of meditiation and sober discussion over shared hot water. All workers in the sexaphene industry are off-worlders, and all other necessities are imported from off-world, paid for by the obscene profits.

The sexaphene is supplied to many of the drug bars across the sector. It is inhaled, either via pocket inhalator or a party inhalator, similar to a old-Earth-style hooka. It is most popular in the Star-Spangled Realms, where inter-species sex is the cultural norm, as well as in most space stations, where stocking a single aphrodisiac is preferred over needing several drugs to satisfy a wide variety of species.


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