Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Historical Era for Tekumel Adventuring

So I've decided on what I'm going to run at U-Con in November and Con of the North in February. Here's my crazy idea. I'm going to use Warriors of the Red Planet to run a Tékumel adventure in The Latter Times. This would work pretty much as is. 

Warriors of the Red Planet, one of my favorite rules systems, is a BX clone reskinned for sword and planet adventures -- Fighting Men, Scoundrels, Mentalists, and Scientists having adventures on the alien landscapes with Barsoom, Venus, or Skaith.

With the Latter Times being just a few thousand years after the Time of Darkness, plenty of the technology of the Humanspace empire still exists. With both Mentalists and Scientists, I figure I can set it late enough that psychic abilities have developed, but soon enough after the the Time of Darkness that Scientists still know to make technological devices.

Now to design the adventure.

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