Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Count Orlock's Dazzling Jewel

This ornate gold necklace is set with a 10-carat blood-red ruby. It enhances the Charisma of the wearer by +5. It also makes the wearer very susceptible to a vampire's charm gaze, putting an additional -3 on the saving throw for a total of -5.

Count Orlock was a vampire who constructed this necklace to entrap a certain young duchess for whom he lusted. She was a beautiful woman, but was also very vain. She wanted to be the most gorgeous woman in the kingdom. She achieved her goal with the help of the count's jewel the night of the king's grand ball thrown in honor of the royal heir's majority. All could see that she was the most beautiful and fawned over her throughout the evening. That night the count charmed and seduced her -- she was dead within a fortnight.

A year later, the count brought her, now his vampire servant, to the duke on the anniversary of her death. The duke thought he saw his wife's apparition, but when he touched her and knew her to be real, they spent the night together. The duke was dead in the morning.

(This magic item was created for Erik Tenkar's 2014 OSR Superstar Contest. I just found my entry in my email after an unrelated search. Thought you might like it.)

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