Friday, September 18, 2015

D12 Enchanter Subclasses for Greek-themed Campaigns

Here's the Enchanter subclasses for my Greek saltbox campaign. I started with Dyson's Enchanter class again, but modified for my style of Enchanter and the setting.

D12 Enchanter Subclasses for Greek-themed Campaigns

  1. Defender – Can wear leather breastplate, leather helmet (+2 AC).
  2. Charmer – Can cast charm person 1/day per 3 levels.
  3. Necromancer – Deals with spirits of the dead, instead of the elements; can ask dead spirits 3 questions 1/day per 3 levels.
  4. Oracle – Cast Augury 1/day per 3 levels.
  5. Shadow Beguiler – can hide in shadows and move silently as a thief.
  6. Beholder – can detect magic 1/day per 2 levels.
  7. Thespian – gain +1 on reaction rolls with peacefully-inclined humans and demi-humans.
  8. Witch-Hunter – +2 on saves versus spells.
  9. Beast-Friend – gains +1 on reaction rolls with animals and animal-like monsters.
  10. Elementally-Aligned – Pick an element: has +1 reaction with spirits of that element and -1 with opposed spirits. 
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP.
  12. Choose one or make up a new one.

Here are the Fighter subclasses.

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