Tuesday, September 22, 2015

U-Con Tekumel Track Schedule

We have the schedule for the U-Con Tekumel Track. I'm running two games, Fresh Off the Boat using Heroic Age of Tekumel, and Princess Zira and the Jungle Ruins using Warriors of the Red Planet.

Sometime today, event registration begins! Register here!

Ahoggya Ark, GM: John Till, 6 players, Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition, Friday 10a-2p. 
Humans, mutants, & thousands of disgusting Ahoggya, trapped together on an out-of-control generation ship! If you like Metamorphosis Alpha, Tekumel, or are Ahoggya-curious, this adventure is for you!
Tekumel: Joyful Sitting Among Friends, GM: George Hammond, 30 players, Friday 5p-7p. 
This is the annual welcome gathering for the Tekumel Track. Join us to find out about the weekend's Tekumel events, or the Tekumel setting in general, and meet other fans of the setting. 
Tekumel: Hlaka 2: The way home, GM: Patrick Brady, 7 players, Friday 8p-12a. 
You are a group of Hlaka mercenaries who find themselves on the losing side in the civil war.

Rumble in Jakalla 2, GM: Brett Slocum, 8 players, Friday 8p-12a. 
Jakalla, the City Half as Old as the World, trembles before the power of the Gods! Priests of the Temple of Thumis, Stability Lord of Knowledge, must deal with the aftermath of an earthquake and the crack in the temple foundation.
A Night’s Entertainment, GM: Krista Donnelly, 6 players, Bethorm , Saturday 9a-1p. 
Emerald Circlet may be the lowest of the low clans, but you sing, you dance and you entertain as you make your way along the Sákbe Road of life. Sometimes the Guard chases you away, but sometimes the high clans just want some amusement. Today is your lucky day - you are on your way to your biggest commission yet. 
Fresh Off the Boat, GM: Brett Slocum, 8 players, Heroic Age of Tekumel, Saturday 2p-6p. 
After a disaster, your entire tribe pulls up stakes and moves across the ocean to the sparkling gem of Jakalla, The City Half as Old as the World. Is civilization all it's cracked up to be? Can you survive in an urban metropolis? Will you see what lies beneath the streets and live to tell about it? 
Princess Zira & the Jungle Ruins, GM: Brett Slocum, 6 players, Warriors of the Red Planet, Saturday 8p-12a. 
On the way to a peace conference, Princess Zira and her entourage are kidnapped. Survive the trials of Ayo-Xatl, a ruined city in the jungle, including cultists of the Outer Space Goddess, Vu-bats, and the legendary Beast of Ayo-Xatl. Experience Tekumel during the Latter Times, only a couple thousand years after the entire star system was sucked into a pocket dimension, in this Sword and Planet adventure. Using the new Warriors of the Red Planet rules, a D&D clone for Sword and Planet roleplaying. 
Trouble in the Foreigner's Quarter, GM: John Till, 5 players, Fate of Tekumel, Sunday 9a-1p. 
Strangers in the Foreigners' Quarter bring trouble to the Great Stone clan of Thraya! Clan members must investigate, before embarrassing affairs come to light! Tekumel adventure for fans new and old! 
A Guard’s Life, GM: Krista Donnelly, 6 players, Bethorm, Sunday 2p-6p. 
Life is sweet as a Sákbe Road guard. Opportunity abounds, especially when the tirrikámu is away on mandatory training. But he will only be gone for one day so you had better make the most of it. 

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