Monday, September 21, 2015

Gamer ADD

I have a lot of projects going on, but for some strange reason, I don't feel fractured or grinding my gears. Here's what I working on currently:

  • Heroic Age of Tekumel: my own sequel to Empire of the Petal Throne. Almost finished with the quickstart rules. I've also prepared a Fresh Off the Boat scenario for U-Con and Con of the North. This will let me test out the tribe rules. 
  • I ran an old school solo hexcrawl using the Outdoor Survival map and Delving Deeper. The rules worked nice and could easily be tweaked to give custom responses. I so liked the idea of running myself through solos that I want to do it for other games. 
  • Warriors of the Lost Planet: my house rules for running adventures on Tekumel during the Latter Times, only a few thousand years after the Time of Darkness, using Warriors of the Red Planet rules. House rules, races, equipment, etc. First draft done. I've prepared a scenario called Princess Zira and the Jungle Ruins for U-Con and Con of the North. I've made a small 50x50 mile sandbox (vinebox? since it's mostly jungle?) that I want to run through solo to familiarize myself with the rules in play.
  • I'm creating a Greek-themed saltbox of island-hopping adventure. This has a working title of Ancient Adventures, but that's not final. Priest class: first draft done. Enchanter class: first draft in progress. Three sets of D12 subclasses: first drafts in progress. I've been collecting thoughts on a bestiary (simply pull the classic Greek ones out) and encounter tables, an elemental spell lists for nature spirits, and spell lists divided by Olympian deity. This would be suitable for solo play.
  • Rabbits & Ronin: This is a campaign inspired by Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo comic and the RPG from Gold Rush Games in the 1990s. I'm basing this off of Ruins & Ronin with anthropomorphic animals as races. I discovered Mad Monks of Khantoom, a fantastic oriental campaign generator where exploring the 1001 Padogas is the goal. 
  • I also have plans to run Isle of the Unknown as a solo adventure, just to get familiar with LotFP.
  • Dyson's Sandbox: I'm ruminating on all the wonderful adventures written by +Dyson Logos, and have started on making a sandbox to explore them. 
  • Narcosan Stashbox: I'm doing the thinking part of developing a sandbox for Narcosa. I really want to test out my Drug Trance magic users from that august book. #narcosa

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