Saturday, December 19, 2015

Using Lamentations of the Flame Princess skills system with S&W White Box + White Box Omnibus

I really like the LotFP skill system. So I'm seeing how I can use it everywhere. I want to try out +James Spahn's White Box Omnibus for some adventures, take it for a spin. So I'm bringing the LotFP skills along too.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

LotFP uses a few skills.

­ Architecture (1 in 6)
­ Bushcraft (1 in 6)
­ Climb (1 in 6)
­ Languages (1 in 6)
­ Open Doors (1 in 6)
­ Search (1 in 6)
­ Sleight of Hand (1 in 6)
­ Sneak Attack (1 x damage)
­ Stealth (1 in 6)
­ Tinker (1 in 6)

Most classes have a 1 in 6 chance to succeed at these skills.. Specialists get 4 skill points at 1st level and 2 skill points per level after that. They can spend skill points to raise the chance of success in a skill by 1.

Dwarves have Architecture starting at 3 in 6, Elves have Search starting at 2 in 6, and Halflings have Bushcraft starting at 3 in 6 and Stealth at 5 in 6. Their skills (except Halfling Stealth) each go up as they go up in levels.

S&W White Box + White Box Omnibus

White Box Omnibus has a few skills:

Lore for Bards and Scholar Magic Users. Forestry for Druids and Rangers. Stealth for Monks. Thievery for Thieves. In S&W White Box, it describes the following skills for the demihumans: Dwarvish Keen Detection can detect traps, slanting passages, and construction underground, Elvish Keen Detection allows them find hidden doors, and Halfling Near Invisibility allows them to move silently and hide well.

The Proposal

I propose to replace the White Box Omnibus skills with LotFP skills, replace Thieves with the LotFP Specialist, and add Lore to the list of skills. Forestry becomes Bushcraft, Dwarves get Architecture, Elves get Search, and Halflings get Bushcraft and Stealth.

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