Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Random Deity Pantheons

Someone (+Joel Priddy) was asking about random god tables, and I suggested the index of Petty Gods. I think I'll test out my hypothesis.

d20 = Pantheon size

Meet the Seven Mysterious Beings, pantheon of the Nowallu tribe of Outer Phrenobia.

The Seven Mysterious Beings

  1. Bashiuus - God of wine and merriment, Chaotic (p. 17)
  2. Detriax - Goddess of space junk and derelict hope, Chaotic (p. 37)
  3. Drasheeng - Goddess of drunken misperception, Chaotic (p. 43)
  4. Lady of Rains - Goddess of political corruption and indiscretion, Chaotic (p. 89)
  5. Lord Downall - God of drains and floods, Chaotic (p. 94)
  6. Nanefesterad - God of false friendship, Chaotic (p. 116)
  7. Thwizeviblyz - God of baby laughter, Lawful (p. 170)
Now that's a pantheon that speaks about the culture. Six Chaotic gods and one seemingly minor Lawful god. Then again, perhaps the power of the baby laugh can nullify the power of Chaos.

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