Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mana Points for Macchiato Monsters

The standard magic system for Macchiato Monsters uses Hit Points to power spellcasting. This means magic users get fatigued or damaged as they cast more spells. This may not be how some GMs want magic to work. As an alternative, Mana Points could be used.

Mana Points are a statistic only for spellcasters. They are used instead of Hit Points to cast spells. All other aspects of spellcasting are the same.

If a character takes Magical Training, they get a d6 Mana die. When they roll their Hit Dice (Step 5), they also roll their Mana dice. You can spend a point of WIS to reroll if you get a bad roll. Take the highest roll.

Add a Gain 1 Mana die option to Leveling Up for spellcasters:
  • Gain 1 Mana die. Roll your mana dice and record your new Mana Point total (if better than previously).
If you take Magical Training again, you can boost your Mana die size by one level (d6 to d8, d8 to d10, d10 max.)

The "decent night's rest" rules (p. 16) for HP also apply to Mana Points. Roll CON to recover a Mana die worth of Mana Points. Comfortable or miserable conditions still give Advantage and Disadvantage. 

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