Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Classic Traveller -- More Solo Campaigning, part 2

This is the second in a series. The first is here.

For my solo campaign, I decided that I wanted to try out a bunch of Gamelords' Traveller books. So first I took The Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector (Gamelords, 1984). This presents a subsector in the Reaver's Deep sector between the Imperium and Aslan space. The rest of their products have hooks into this subsector, but are generic enough to use in any universe. 

First of all, I ignored the Communication Lines on the map and rolled for Trade Routes, since I'm using CT77 for that. (I'm house ruling from TC81 with pieces of TC77.)

Next I randomly rolled a home planet for each character:
  • Captain Nakmurr is from Lajanjigal, a mining operation that uses enslaved sophonts of the planet, and he left to join the Drexilthar mercenary army.
  • Coten is from Coventry, a political and criminal exile colony of the Confederacy of Dunsinae. His criminal family was destroyed, so he stowed away on a patrol ship to escape to Cassandra.
  • Jentran comes from Drexilthar, which started as a Reaver base, and he joined the Navy.
  • Captain Badwen comes from Ildrissar, a breakaway colony from the Carrillian Assembly.
  • Chentyul is from Lindritar, one of the Carrillian Assembly. He left because of a severe allergy to a component of the Lindritaran atmosphere. He wasn't happy with the recent changes in the leadership of the Assembly and the draconian direction of the government as well.
The piece that was missing was where would they all meet. I thought Yarhfahl was the right place. Between a rock and a hard place in the Carrillian-Ildrissar War, but also part of a large trading area, connected by the new Trade Routes, that stretches from Cassandra to Drenslaar.

So the first thing I had our merry band do was buy equipment in the startown around the star port. It's generally more cost-effective to take cash on mustering out than material benefits, unless you're going for a ship. And I specifically wanted five characters and no ship.

Everyone bought guns and some sundries at Gargantuan Gun Mart, Blades by Compez, The General Store (names that I made up). Using Startown Liberty (Gamelords, 1984), I rolled for a day encounter in star town, but came up with nothing. (The characters on the first page have been updated with equipment and new cash amounts.)

More in come.


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