Maps of Tekumel

While moving pages over from my website, I noticed my map page had only a few maps. So, I dug around in all the usual Tekumel places and found a bunch more. Here's what I found.

Large-scale maps

The Globe of Tekumel showing the northern continent and some of the southern bits
Map of the northern continent based on unwrapping the globe to a flat projection
Comparison map between Tekumel's northern continent and Asia
Comparison map between Tsolyanu and Europe



Tumissa in eastern Tsolyanu
Setnakh in southern Tsolyanu (description)
Fasiltum in eastern Tsolyanu
Thri'il in northern Tsolyanu
Bey Su in northern Tsolyanu
Hekellu in far eastern Tsolyanu, in the Chaigari Protectorate.
Another Hekellu map (and map key)
Usenanu article with map (central Tsolyanu)
Pala Jakalla article with map (southern Tsolyanu)
Butrus and Pan Chaka campaign, maps, and gazetteer.

Sa'a Allaqiyani

Sa'a Allaqiyor, the capitol


Beautiful regional maps of Kilalammu.
Sirsum in eastern Kilalammu

Smaller Scale Maps

Sharu'una Fief article with map and gazeteer of Hekellu

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