Non-humans of Tékumel

For the most part, the various races of friendly nonhumans remain in their enclaves scattered around the region, but many travel and hire themselves out around the continent. The Shén, a powerful reptilian race, live on the southernmost tip of the continent, south of Livyánu. They work as mercenaries or ply the oceans as merchants.

The Tinalíya are a tiny four-legged race of scholars and mages, who live in the mountainous area in the north of Livyánu. They are totally literal-minded, not understanding human idioms and humor. Living in the low-lying swamps of Mu'ugalavyá, the Swamp Folk (their name for themselves is unpronounceable by humans) are natural sailors. They ply the sea lanes, selling their wares.

The Páchi Léi, four-legged forest dwellers, live in the southern coastal area of the Cháka forests. They fit well into Tsolyáni society, being somewhat passive and calm.

To the north of the Páchi Léi live the Pé Chói, beautiful insectoids with considerable magic talents. They also easily join human society, rising nearly as high as humans within the bureaucratic hierarchies.

In mountain enclaves within Yán Kór live the Pygmy Folk in their subterranean tunnels. These short, furred creatures are never completely trusted for they have a reputation for being shy and devious. They can be very dangerous if cornered.

In their mountaintop aeries east of Tsolyánu are the skittish Hláka, flying mammalians of roughly human size. They are cowardly, yet curious, and their usefulness as military scouts is unsurpassed.

The swamp-dwelling Ahoggyá look almost like a furry barrel that has sprouted four arms and legs. They live in the wet, low-lying coastal plains across a narrow part of the southern ocean and in their extremely distant enclave, Ónmu Tlé Hléktis, beyond the most distant province of Salarvyá.

As for the enemies of humankind, they are scattered around the continent as well. In the middle of the southern ocean is the island of Hlüssuyal, where the dreaded Hlüss live. These aquatic creatures are one of the original races of Tékumel, before it was discovered by the Terran star empire. They travel the ocean in their huge hive-ships, each carrying a queen of their race, much like a queen bee or ant.

The Hlutrgú are a swamp-dwelling race so inimical that every race will fight them. Only their rapid reproduction and ferocity, and their boggy homeland on the southern coast of Tsolyáni, have kept them from being wiped out.

The Ssú are also native to Tékumel, cousins to the Hlüss. These magically adept beings live in cities below the surface north of Salarvyá. They often travel in the subterranean tube cars, looking for ancient technology. Their bodies exude the odor of musty cinnamon, which has saved the lives of more than one group of humans delving in the Underworld.

In the northern area of Yán Kór are the sealed cities of the Shunned Ones. This race breathes an atmosphere that is toxic to humans, and they can only come out of their cities for short excursions wrapped in their voluminous cloaks. They are also magically powerful. 

Where the homeland of the mysterious Mihálli is found is not known. In some regions of the continent, this shapeshifting race is believed to be mythical. Some say that Baron áld's chief advisor, the enigmatic Fu Hsí, is a Mihálli, but no one knows for certain. What is known is that the motivations of these people are completely indiscernible to humans. One minute they might, aid you and the next attack you. Perhaps their view of reality is vastly different than ours, or perhaps they are just mad.

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