Nyfmar-11, 3rd level Scoundrel Gynoid

Nyfmar-11 has been around a very long time, though she has lost some memories of the distant past. Princess Zira has a Android Control Medallion and Nyfmar-11 is devoted to her. She has been a servant to the Princess since Zira was young.


HD/HP:5d8 / 34
XP (+5%):
Cash:70 gp


Ancient: Because of their long existences, androids get a +2 on INT skill rolls regarding past events and people.

Mechanical: Immune to poison and disease, extremes of heat and cold.

Android Healing: Androids can heal by resting after combat, as normal, but cannot heal from daily rest without parts from another android or other similar construct. Each android body can supply 1d6 dice of healing. A Scientist can cure level hit points level times per day, but only once per day on an individual android.

Social/Pleasure Upgrade: The android is 'fully-functional' with anatomy, sensors, and programming to perform and respond as a sexual concubine. A full library of human sexual response is included in their data banks. In addition, the android is skilled in conversation, entertainment (select a specialty: dancing, music, art, acrobatics, or storytelling), seduction, massage, and other social talents.

Mental Quirk: Fascinated by stabbing the living and watching their fluids leak out. If Nyfmar-11 has damaged a human with an edged weapon, make an INT skill roll to avoid watching for a round. Always use cutting or thrusting weapons, never crushing weapons. This behavior can be very disturbing to humans.


Field-generating rings, +2 AC against missiles
2 daggers, concealed in hidden arm sheaths
Illuminator (30 charges) hidden in belly compartment
Small belt pouch
Silver flute

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