Tekumeláni Haiku

Eight by Brett Slocum

Dra's most devoted
Not caring about the world
Staring at the sun

Hrü'ü's black ending
Chaotic darkness reigning
No warmth, no light, dead

Hrihayal's hot lust
Coupling with anyone
Steamy fervent sex

Thumis's wisdom
Illuminating all space
Knowledge for the good

The One Other's wall
Keeping the Blue Prince contained
Allied with the Nine

Yan Kor retreats north
Mu'ugalavyani run
Azure bites their heels

Tsatsayagga waits
Web of intrigue set to snare
Someone dies tonight

Engsvan hla Ganga
Golden Age sinks in the sea
Kuruku laughs long

One by Edward Bornstein

Dread pale Lord Sarku
Darkened tomb life eternal
Hungry silent worms

Three by Calithena@juno.com

Musty Tsu'urum
Click! Excellent Ruby Eye
Eternal stasis

Incandescent Blaze
Lord Vimuhla stalks the land!
Emperors tremble

Tetl blossoms gone
Avanthe drowses to dream
Cold Sarku beckons

Four by George Hammond

Glory to the flame!
Legions of the Petal Throne
Marching to victory

Down the Rananga
Her rowers strain at their oars
A lover awaits

Wind in Tiu trees
Waves break below dark stone walls
The Baron makes plans

Loveless horoks croak
Smiling mothers scold muddy kids
The monsoon has come

One by by mtbdm@hotmail.com

Dark Lady's servants
Call Ru'utlanesh
Squish, squish, ecstacy

Two by Peter Gifford (on a dare)

Hey Tsatsayagga
How does one introduce you
To the dyslexic?

Six Livyani Gods
Shadowy bunch, yep they are
Oh, run out of stuff

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