Tekumeláni Haiku

Seven by raymondlesinge@aol.com

My Perfect Cousin
There was a young lady from Khirgar
Whose clan-cousin, presumed, wouldn't get far
Joined a temple of Change
And now she's arranged
To throw cousin-dear from an air-car

Tsolyani Pie
There is an old cook works in Urmish
Makes a strange, sausage-like, sickly dish
It's best, it is said
Not to look 'neath his bed
For the one-eyed snakes of Dlamelish

Far Gone
There was a young lad from the Chakas
Joined a Legion and quickly went crackers
Seen too much war
Up north, near Yan Kor
Squawks and squeals like the birds, or a hlaka

The Emperor's Daydream
The Emperor slumped into his throne Pondered Princes who whine, bitch, and moan
Some whimsical day
He'd make them all pay
Watch them flayed, right down to the bone

Joyous Burden
A chlen-breeder was out, busy carting
But offended a noble by farting
He took the High Ride
As a matter of pride
Sang deep to his beasts, 'fore departing

We'll Meet Again
A soldier stationed west, in Tumissa
Told his wife, before leaving, that he'd miss her
The girls were doe-eyed
But he oft' softly sighed
"If only I could touch her, or kiss her"

Holy Day
Kheshchal plumes bobbed and weaved on that day
A parade! From Jakalla to the Bay
The heat and the dust
Made all the slaves cuss
But the clan-girls they danced and they swayed

One by Calithena@juno.com

A young priest of Hrela named Hrne
Did manfully bugger a Zrne
When he got off his rocks
The beast shook off its locks
Leaving only a bloodstained chlen byrny

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