Tuesday, March 29, 1994

Dan Chalmers, Former Pirate

Dan has loved the sea for as long as he can remember, so at 17 years of age, he signed on as a deck hand on a merchant ship. Dan's judgement wasn't the best, though, and this ship turned out to be a pirate, marauding the sea lanes, smuggling arms and contraband, and assorted mayhem. Being very honest, Dan hated the work, and after a year, finally escaped from them and lost himself in the capital city. Dan, fearing to return to the wharf, hired himself out inland as a mercenary. Now, two years later, he feels confident enough to return to the port capital.

While adventuring, he acquired a hireling, Ardal, who has since joined the group as one of Dan's followers. Ardal is a ST 18 warrior.


Dan was played for about 18 months real time. All of his enchanted equipment was acquired in play or purchased.
Dan Chalmers, Former Pirate
(from Bill Seurer's TFT campaign)
5'10", 150 lbs., Age: 20
42 point Mercenary, formerly an unwilling pirate.

Appearance: long black curly hair, tanned skin, mustache, ear ring.
ST:    13
DX:   15
adjDX:  14, 15 with sword and/or main gauche, 17 with crossbow
IQ:   14
MA: 10


Missile Weapons
New Followers
Language (Common, native)

Learning: Recognize Value, Tactics, Captain.


money: Belt pouch containing: 191 gold, 102 silver
Fine bastard sword (+1 DX)
Fine main gauche (+1 DX)
Light crossbow
Quiver with 20 bolts
Fine chainmail (+2 armor enchantment)
+1 DX Ring
Middle-class clothing
Labyrinth Kit
7 days rations
2 waterskins

Followers and employees:

Ardal, freelance fighter

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