Saturday, April 16, 2011


The first question would be "Why would anyone write a blog about Tekumel?" It's an old setting that has had a checkered publishing history. It's never reached the audience that something like RuneQuest or Traveller has.

The answer to that is that in spite of difficulties, Tekumel presents one of the most creative settings around. It's depth and scope approaches Middle Earth, but with a heavy dose of the strange and exotic. Whereas Tolkien drew from the familiar themes of northern Europe, Barker used the less well-known motifs of Indian, the Middle East, and Meso-America. He combines them with the pulpy sci-fi of the 40s and 50s in a way that makes you believe this place exists on some plane.

The second question would be "Why would I write a blog about Tekumel?" I've been around role-playing games since the beginning, as a player, a GM, and a writer, and Tekumel was the first campaign I ever played in. It ruined me for D&D. I've been around Tekumel ever since. After 35 years, it's still my favorite RPG setting.

So, that answers those questions. Perhaps you have some questions as well. Ask in the comments, if you like.