Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Tekumel Blogosphere: Miscellanea

I've kind of fallen off the blogosphere for a while. Here are a few more Tekumel-related blogs. I hope you find some fun stuff here.

Tekumel Art

Next comes Dave's Irregulars. Dave is a young artist who plays in Jeff's Tekumel game. He has a bunch of drawings up on this blog that are Tekumel-related. I particularly liked his Mihalli and his Tinaliya.

Tekumel Roleplaying

A fellow nicknamed Kogigami has a Tekumel roleplaying blog titled The Superior Force. He has session logs and maps and photos of figures. Sounds like his players are having fun.

Tekumel Miscellanea

I was quite surprised when I found the next blog, Shen Blog. This blog is written in broken Shen-speak. I haven't read a lot of entries, but what I read was amusing.

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