Monday, January 7, 2013

Fantasy sandbox

Somewhere this weekend I got into my head to create a sandbox for a fantasy campaign. I'm thinking a city-state is the right size. My old-old C&S campaign map has a continent that is not well-defined where I can put it. The last time I ran fantasy I ran in on that continent.

My bullet list so far:
  • city-state
  • seaport
  • King-mayor died suddenly of dysentery
  • Queen-mayor-regent rules until 4 year old son comes of age
  • 3 shell keeps in the frontier
I feel the need to do a little research on city-states. If someone has a good resource, let me know.

In this sandbox, I want to try out new (to me) digital map-making with GIMP or some mapping software. I also haven't decided on which rules to use. My inclination is to continue my conversion of C&S to GURPS, but I might go another route. Basically, use the tools and techniques I've read about online and elsewhere to get the job done.