Monday, February 25, 2013

The Tipping Point

I've come to realize in preparing for the con a couple weeks ago that GURPS 4th edition holds little of interest for me. My play style is more aligned with a much lighter set of rules. The camel straw was downloading a combat cheat sheet. It was 2 pages of tiny, densely packed print with more than half of the cheat sheet stuff that I completely ignore.

Don't get me wrong. I love GURPS. I've written for it and played it for 25 years. They publish IMHO the best supplements on most any given topic that I've read or played. Their advice in Space, Fantasy, Thaumatology, Time Travel, etc. for building a campaign and a world of a particular type is hands-down outstanding. I'm currently using Thaumatology to build the magical underpinnings of my daVinci-punk setting that won't even use GURPS rules.

One complication of this is that I'm a member of The Men in Black, Steve Jackson's cadre of demonstrators and GMs for store and convention support, and I still want to remain a member. I could just start running tournaments of Munchkin and Revolution! at cons, but my heart is in roleplaying.

So, I've decided that I'll continue to run GURPS games at cons using GURPS Lite, a free 32-page ruleset that contains the essence of the GURPS system. On top of this, I can add whatever I need, magic, ultra-tech gear, time travel, whatever.

Another outcome of this revelation is that for system development, I'll be focusing on other things, notably OSR rules and supplements. I'm writing my own d100 old school game and several settings. Tekumel will remain at the center of my interest, as it has for the last 38 years. I will finish my GURPS Tekumel rules, but that is probably my last major GURPS project. I will also translate some of my other projects into GURPS for the purpose of running at cons, but those will mostly be only personal translations, not published ones.