Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bodies in the Dungeon

In honor of +Ivan Sorensen's blog Daily OSR, here is my first random list. The original inspiration for this particular list was +Troy Costisick's blog post "How Do I Design a Dungeon?".

It's pretty rare that a party of adventurers is the very first on-site in a pristine untouched dungeon. King Tut's Tomb is the exception, not the rule.

So, to convey to the player's the notion that adventurers have been here before them, roll a d6 on entering a room the party hasn't explored yet. On a 1, a body is present in the room. Then roll d8 on the following table:

Condition of Dead Bodies Found in the Underworld (d8)

  1. Fresh -- pool of blood still wet
  2. Chewed on
  3. Rotting -- smells of decomp and covered in maggots
  4. Skin and bones -- most flesh is gone
  5. Intact skeleton
  6. Pile of loose bones
  7. Covered in fungi
  8. Mummified