Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clans of Tsolyanu

I'm writing new descriptions for the Tsolyani clans on Tekumel for my new game. Here is a quick sampling of some noble clans of Very High status.

Blade Raised High: The royal guard of the Priest-Kings of the Engsvanyáli empire are the ancestors of this clan. Members are often generals and military administrators, and the worship of Karakán and Chegárra predominates. Katalál and Usenánu are the centers of power for this clan, though they are spread across the empire.

Cloak of Azure Gems: Clan legend says the ancestors of this clan served Lord Ksárul at the Battle of Dórmoron Plain, though a more likely origin is that they are of Bednálljan aristocratic descent. Many in the clan are in the temple hierarchies or the imperial bureaucracy. This clan worships Ksárul and Hrü'ü and their Cohorts. The clan is centered in Mekú and Mrelú, with some influence in Sokátis, Béy Sü, and other cities.

Golden Bough: The governors of the southern provinces of the Engsvanyáli empire are the predecessors of this clan. Members are often in the imperial bureaucracy or the legions. This clan has no temple preference. Golden Bough can be found across the empire with huge clan houses in Jakálla, Thráya, and Jaikalór.

Golden Sunburst: This clan traces back to Engsvanyáli royalty, and it has clan houses across the empire. Many members are high up in the government bureaucracy, the military, or the temple hierarchy. The worship of Karakán, Chegárra, and Hnálla is very common, though other Stability temples are represented.

Ito: This clan worships Sárku and his Cohort, Durritlámish, exclusively. It inhabits the Chákas and also has clan houses in the other cities where Sarku worship is strong: the City of Sárku, Mekú, and Púrdimal. The Imperium views them with distrust, even before the rule of Emperor Dhich'une.

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