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Marcon Ethring, King

Earl Marcon Ethring's Coat of Arms


Marcon Ethring was the 3rd son of the 23rd Duke and Duchess of Galbowdran. His father was the brother of the king and Marcon was an Earl. The king had 3 sons and a grandson, Marcon was 8th in line to the throne.

On the day of the king's only daughter's wedding, a grand occasion and national holiday, Marcon lay ill in bed, having caught the last puke-thrall of the spring. He watched the festivities from his room in the north tower. All we gathered and the ceremony was begun, when a flash and a thunderclap interrupted the proceedings. There stood Felonius the Sorcerer, who had long sought to destroy the king and control the country for his own evil ends. The powerful sorcerer quickly killed the court wizards by summoning a demon from the pits of Hell, and then killed the entire royal family with vast explosions of fire.

Marcon knew that he was in danger, so with the aide of a faithful servant, he stumbled down into the dungeons to find the secret escape out of the castle. They found the captain of the guard in a dank cell, put there by the king for a drunken slight the night before. Marcon released him and told of what had transpired. The three of them fled the castle.

After two months of hiding in the Shadow Forest, word arrived that Felonius had been put to flight by the last dying act of the chief wizard, who summoned a holy guardian who expelled the demon and threatened the sorcerer.

Marcon's coronation as king was a somber affair, and he quickly began to rebuild the country. Once things were in order, he began his search for the sorcerer Felonius.

Human fighter
10th Level (237,000 XP)
6' 2" tall, 190 lbs., age: 35
Cancer (neutrally-aspected)
Born the nephew to the king
   3rd son of king's 2nd brother
   8th in line to the throne
Father is Duke (23rd),
   parents are dead, MMMFF

Brown eyes
Black hair, medium length
Normal complexion
Neutral expression
Deep voice
Heavy drinker
Heavy smoker
Long temper, but

Strength:20 (16)
Bardic Voice:20
Charisma:32 / 30
Bravery:20 (16)
Carrying Capacity:703 lbs.
Military Ability:12.87
Command Level:7.435
Honor points:766
Basic Influence Factor:103
Romance Factor:132

Light WeaponsHeavy Weapons
Shield parry-40%

Weapon Bonuses

Cavalry Lance: +11%
Knight's broadsword: +15%
War hammer: +12%
Heavy crossbow: +12%
Sword: +10%

Coat of Arms of King Marcon I

-2 full plate suit (gift of the Dwarf King):
    -2 plate cuirass
    -2 chain mail undercoat
    -2 visored helm
    Armored gauntlets
    -2 Kite shield
+7 Long sword, "Banegil" (part of Royal Regalia),
    Brightness enchantment, 22 + d10 damage, 17 blows,
    +45%, star of iron, alchemetical ruby on the pommel
+3 Knight's broadsword, damage: 18, 10 blows
Arctorius Stone ring (Royal Regalia)
Crown (Royal Regalia)
War hammer, damage: 15, 7 blows
Heavy crossbow (20 +2 bolts)
Superb heavy war horse, chestnut, "Relayer"
Saddle, blanket, saddlebags
Bridle and bit
Pouch: pipe weed, pipe, flint, steel, and tinder

(The illustrations on this page are the originals I drew in the early 1980s. I'm still working on getting scanned versions I like.)

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