Saturday, November 29, 2014

2015: The Year of Tekumel

The upcoming 40th anniversary of Empire of the Petal Throne (EPT) is cause to celebrate; so is the publication of a new Tekumel game, Bethorm. We now have a unique opportunity to win some hearts and minds to the Tekumel universe.

I declare 2015 to be The Year of Tekumel. What I think those who are enthusiastic about Tekumel
should do? Play the Hell out of the games. Do you need me to be more specific?

Regardless of whether you are an old grognard or new to the setting, play at least one game of some form of Tekumel. Find a group nearby and join. Ask your gaming group to try it. Post about it on your blog. Pick up a copy of Bethorm and review it. Buy EPT and run a game. Convince your friends to play Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne. Post your campaign log of Gardasiyal. Post characters from Swords and Glory. Run in your basement. Run online. Run at game stores. Run at cons. Write a little adventure. Post it. Publish it. Write some rules. Post them. Write a conversion to your favorite set of rules. Pick one. Pick ten.

In other words, let's rock this thing!

If you have a Tekumel event, let me know about it and I'll keep a running list of what people are doing in The Year of Tekumel.


To start this off, at Con of the North in February, I've organized a Tekumel Track with 40 hours of Tekumel-related games. One of my games is an old school underworld adventure using my Heroic Age: Tekumel rules. The other game is a wizard duel miniatures boardgame using a simplified form of the Heroic Age rules.

Also, I'm planning on running a monthly game of Heroic Age: Tekumel once Con of the North ends in February. I haven't decided if I'm going to try face-to-face or online.

Andreas Davour is planning his first Tekumel game in 2015, using either Bethorm or Fate.

James Maliszewski has started a new Tekumel fanzine called The Excellent Traveling Volume. The first issue is available now.

Bryan Irving will be starting a new Tekumel campaign using the new Bethorm rules.

Jeff Berry is starting a Brauenstein-style Tekumel game based on Prof. Barker's Invasion of the Chakas story arc in April. This will be a combination of RPG and miniatures where players run officers with resources from various countries. Many of these types of games were played in the 70s and 80s in the Twin Cities.


To help you along the way, here are some resources:

Stop wringing your hands and start playing! -- a quick and cheap way to get started.

They keep saying there are no Tékumel adventures -- an overview of some sources of Tekumel adventures, including a spreadsheet with most Tekumel adventures listed.

Online Tekumel Community Resources -- a listing of various online resources.

Tékumel Summary -- a two-page intro to Tekumel for cons or new players.

The Tekumel Collection -- My collection of Tekumel resources.

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