Thursday, April 4, 2019

Supernova! Starship Redux

I designed a new ship for my Supernova! explorers. The Scout was too small and the 400-ton Explorer (in Cepheus Light) is just too big for my purposes. I settled on a 200-ton ship. I also wanted to try out the Cepheus Light starship construction rules.

One nice note is that the CE rules use something close to the Book 5 fuel requirements for the Power Plant, which I also use with the Book 2 shipbuilding rules.

Type-E Explorer

Hull: 200-ton streamlined-stealth hull
Engines: Jump-2, Maneuver-2G
Fuel: 48 tons (1 Jump-2 + 8 weeks operation), fuel scoops, fuel processor (20t/day)
Computer: Model/2: Jump-2, Sensor/Jump DM+0
Weaponry: 2x Triple turret (2x beam lasers, 1x missile. 3 smart missiles loaded)  Magazine (1 ton - 12 smart missiles)
Fittings: 15 probe drones, repair drones, Air/Raft, Gig, 8 staterooms, 8 low berths, 8 escape pods, laboratory, medlab, and armory.
Cargo: 29 tons, 24 smart missiles (2 tons)

Cost: 97.69 MCr

I think this is pretty good for a long-range exploration vessel. Comments and thoughts?


  1. What do probe drones do? What is their range?

  2. That is a TL 9 drone for surveying a planet surface. They use gravitics, have a 500 km range, 300 kph maximum speed, it can operate from orbit to the surface and back. Armor 5, sensor suite, holographic projector.

    Think of the probe droid from Empire Strikes Back.