Tuesday, January 2, 1990

Tékumel Timeline

(All dates are approximate)
60,000 A.D. -- Tékumel terraformed and colonized.

61,000 A.D. / 30,000 B.S. (before Second Imperium) --  Something happens! The Time of Darkness. Tékumel is thrown into a pocket dimension, civilization falls. The Latter Times begins. Those that survived cataclysm hoard everything, even toiletries. Some new devices manufactured for awhile. Mental techniques for drawing power from other dimensions (i.e. magic) developed. 

25,000 B.S. -- Empire of Llyán of Tsamra, first known historical empire, arises and conquers what is now Livyánu and Mu'ugalavyá. 

24,000 B.S. -- City States of the Triangle founded in area of modern Tsolyánu. 

23,000 B.S. -- First of the Gods contacted: Vimúhla - Lord of Fire. The Dragon Warriors, Vimúhla-worshipping barbarian tribesman from Nlüssa invade from the north and wipe out Llyáni empire and the Triangle. Whether the 'Dragons' of their name are actual beasts (probably Sró - see Bestiary) or ancient flying machines is subject of historical speculation. 

21,000 B.S. -- Empire of the Fisher Kings founded in modern Salarvyá, destroyed warring remnants of Dragon Lords empire. Ksárul, God of Sorcery and Secrets, is contacted.  

18,000 B.S. -- A desert clan-girl advances by intrigue, sex and assassination to be the first empress of the First Imperium (or the Bednálljan Dynasties), Nayári of the Silken Thighs. It covers what is now Tsolyánu and Yán Kór. Her reign is bloody and ruthless. Her dynasty lasts 3,000 years. Hrü'ü, God of Darkness, Sárku, God of the Undead and Worms, and Dlamélish, Goddess of Perversion and Orgies, are contacted. 

15,000 B.S. - The priest Pavár on the island of Engsvan hla Gánga contacts the Gods of Stability: Hnálla, God of Light, Kárakan, God of War, Thúmis, God of Wisdom, Belkhánu, God of Protection, and Avánthe, Goddess of Family and Agriculture. His successors found a theocracy that encompasses all of the known world, the Engsvanyáli Empire. This is a golden age of art, scholarship and civilization that lasts 10,000 years. 

5,000 B.S. - A massive earthquake sinks the part of the island of Engsvan hla Gánga into the sea. The Engsvanyáli empire falls, starting the Time of No Kings, when petty rulers squabble over tiny pieces of the once-great empire. Also the time of legendary heroes and sorcerers, such as Hagárr of Paránta and Subadím the Sorcerer. 

0 A.S. (After Second Imperium) - Second Imperium of Tsolyánu founded out of the chaos by a man known only as "The Tlakotáni", the name of the current Imperial clan.

2,364 A.S. - Emperor Hirkáne died and Prince Dhich'uné took the throne in a questionable manner, ending the war with Yán Kór. Civil war broke out between him and two other princes, Eselné and Mirusíya. 

2,385 A.S. -- Last year in Barker's campaign.

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