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Krellan Barshaw, Thief

History and campaign notes

Krellan was born in the largest city of the Morius Protectorate. His mother was a high-class courtesan and his father was a count. He has not been acknowledged. His mother is now the madame of a four-star brothel called The Inn of the Sliding Veil. His three half-sisters are all courtesans in the brothel. His younger brother is a member of the Thieve's Guild. Krellan has some training as a gigolo.

Krellan joined the Thieve's Guild when he was 16. He worked on a few burglaries, honing his thieving skills. At one point, a group of adventurers went to the Guild to hire a thief to help them in an expedition to a dragon's lair. Krellan was assigned to the group based on a lottery (he was the short straw). Amazingly, the group defeated the dragon and Krellan survived, but the group found that the dragon didn't have much treasure. They were able to sell the corpse for some money, but vast wealth was not a result. Krellan did get some nice dragon scale armor from the enterprise.

Krellan decided to stay with the group, since he had acquired a taste for adventure.

Krellan Barshaw, Thief

(from Jim Danielson's campaign)

5th level wanderer (35,065, +10%), 4th level Thief (16,300, +25%)
6' 180 lbs., age: 139 (looks 33), horoscope: well-aspected Aries

Appearance: short brown hair, blue eyes, upturned eyebrows, pale complexion, aristocratic expression, medium voice, right handed
Characteristics: excellent eyesight, literate, neat, friendly, hypochondriac, fear of poisoning, mildly paranoid
Command character: cautious, thoughtful (-1)
Languages: Ranan (RW)

Dexterity:      18
Strength:       11
Constitution:  14
Appearance:   8
Bardic Voice:  11
Intelligence:   19
Wisdom:         13
Charisma:       12
Alignment:      13
Bravery:          13

Body:               17
Fatigue:           16
Personal Combat Factor: 13.95
Military Ability:      5.8
Command Level:    3
Carrying Capacity: 255 lbs.

Possessions: money pouch: 8 gold, 11 silver, 12 copper
Splint armor (AC 3), norman helm (dragon scale), dragon scale yoke, dragon scale shield.
Sword Belt:
Thieve's dagger, 2 dragon claw daggers, sword, thieve's crossbow and 14 quarrels, wrist crossbow and 30 quarrels.
Saddle bags:
lock pick set, 3 grappling hooks, 3' braided wire, 50' thin strong knotted cord (200 lb. test), 20' rope (400 lb. test), 5 water skins, lantern, 2 oil flasks, 3 lg. canvass sacks, 5 days rations, flint, steel and tinder, midnight blue tunic, brown trousers, midnight blue cloak, work boots.
Thieve's dagger+4
Thieve's Crossbow+7
Wrist Crossbow+6

Weapons:BlowsxWDF% Parry% HitCrit
Dodge bonus:
Active shield parry:
Detect Traps:
Disarm Traps:
Pick Lock:
Pick Pocket:
Move Silently:
Hide in Shadows:



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