Monday, December 17, 1990

Unwin the Warped of the West, Mage

History and campaign notes

Unwin woke up about five years ago in the gutter of a city in Sergontium of Arden. He had no memory of his past. The scars on his chest were fresh wounds at that time. In the intervening years, he has recovered only small fragments of that previous history: magical training in a sort of magical college, some brief childhood memories in a small village he doesn't recognize, mundane interactions with people he doesn't know. No serious clues as to his origins. His memory of the past five years is unimpaired.

He has survived by living on the streets when necessary and thievery when opportune. His tastes run towards magical items, some of which he keeps. He has done quite well lately and rarely wants for much, except real friends.

Unwin has several genetic mutations: his black eyes have no whites and register into the infra-red range of the electromagnetic spectrum, his intelligence is heightened, and he doesn't seem to age very quickly. He obviously doesn't know how old he is and is unaware of this last mutation. He wears the sunglasses to hide his eyes, but likes to take them off at just the right moment to really give people a scare.

Unwin the Warped of the West, Mage

(from Loren's Arden campaign)

Sacred Square Mystic (MKL: 6), 5th level wanderer (35,065, +10%), 4th level Thief (16,300, +25%)

6' 180 lbs., age: 65 (looks 35), horoscope: well-aspected Aries
Amnesia, only vague recollection of events prior to about 5 years ago.

Appearance: short blonde hair, strange black eyes with no white, pale complexion, cold expression, scars on chest, medium voice, right handed.

Characteristics: infrared sense, literate, spruce, eccentric.
Command character: self-disciplined (-2).

Dexterity:         18
Strength:          11
Constitution:    14
Appearance:     8
Bardic Voice:    11
Intelligence:     19
Wisdom:           13
Charisma:        12
Alignment:       13
Bravery:           13

Body:                      20
Fatigue:                  22
PCF:                       8.4
Military Ability:      7.3
Command Level:    4
Carrying Capacity: 234 lbs.
BIF:                        12
Honor points:          11
Status points:          1

Mage Type:                 Sacred Square Mystic
MKL:                          6
PMF:                           12.6
Concentration Level:   33.86

Thieve's dagger+5
Thieve's Light Sword+5
Thieve's Crossbow+5
Unarmed Combat+15

WeaponsBlowsxWDF% Parry% HitCrit

Dodge bonus:          -18
Active shield parry:   none
Free Dodge:             1

Detect Traps:       75
Disarm Traps:      30
Pick Lock:           35
Pick Pocket:        32
Move Silently:      -14
Hide in Shadows:  -27
Hear Noise:          +5
Discovery:           33/9

Name:               Greymane
Type:                 Fine light warhorse
Body:                 24
Fatigue:             10
Carrying Capacity:  375 lbs.
Range:               85 miles
Average Speed:  16 mph
Max Speed:        28 mph
Max. Distance at Max. Speed:  48 miles
Barding:            studded


screaming money pouch: 14 gold, 11 silver, 200 copper
black mystic robes (weatherproof)
brown cotton tunic
black leggings
calf boots
panama straw hat with red silk hatband
wrap-around sunglasses
silver breastplate
silver conical helm
Sword Belt:
2 silver daggers
silver light sword
thieve's crossbow (10 quarrels)
Saddle bags:


Spells in focus:
Blurred Image
Sleep (+25% targeting)
Create Mage Fire
Detach Mage Fire
Accelerate Mage Fire


spell list is coming soon.

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