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Sir Goadred of Wendover

History and campaign notes

Born in the kingdom of Arden in the Lake Country, the son of a man-at-arms in livery, first of two sons, a credit to family. His mother is dead.

Goadred the Lustful was a man-at-arms, following in his father's footsteps. He loyally served his liege-lord, Sir Casper of the Lake Country, on many campaigns, including the battle at Clarecastle; the conflicts and war against Bude the Enchanter of the Wandering Keep; the rescue of Lord William, Casper's liege, from the Wandering Keep (harpies and a wyvern were defeated); and three excursions to the Channel Islands, on one of which he won his sword and shield from the Troll's Tower.

Goadred was knighted as Sir Goadred of Wendover for his courageous role in rescuing Lord William and granted a fief (frontier LFMH 3).

Sir Goadred of Wendover
Warder of the Northern Marches
Landed Knight of Arden
6'4" 210 lbs., age: 20, horoscope: neutrally-aspected Pisces (March 6th).

6th level Knight (51,720), Kingdom of Arden in the Lake Country

Son of a man-at-arms in livery, first of two sons, Credit to family. Mother is dead. Liege-lord is Sir Casper. Squire: Halston, very loyal.

Appearance: short blonde hair, large brown eyes, fair complexion, preoccupied expression, medium voice, left handed.

Characteristics: excellent memory, poor sense of smell, miserly, genial, nyctophobia (not severe).

Command Character: independant (+1 obedience roll).

Preferences/traits: (1-20 scale)
Drinking: 10, Eating: 12, Tobacco: 17, Drugs: 17, Lust: 20, Temper (speed): 8, Temper (intensity): 12, Honesty: 19, Gambling: 5, Seaworthiness: 16, Bragging: 18 Trust: 8, Gentleness: 19, Dancing (desire): 19, Dancing (ability): 5.

Dexterity:       14
Strength:        13
Constitution:  12
Appearance:   16
Bardic Voice:  18
Intelligence:   13
Wisdom:         17
Charisma:       20.6
Alignment:     10
Bravery:         12

Body:                                20
Fatigue:                            26
Personal Combat Factor:  16.14
Military Ability:                8.76
Command Level:              5

Carrying Capacity:          336 lbs.
Basic Influence Factor:    25.6
Honor points:                   50
Status points:                   10
Resistance:                      16

Money pouch: 217 gold, 55 silver, 20 copper, silver ring of healing

+3 long sword (from campaigns on Channel Is.), 2 daggers, pouch with wooden pipe, pipeweed, tobacco, flint, steel, tinder.
morningstar, crossbow and quiver of bolts, spear

Saddle bags:
6 days trail food, 6 days grain, 6 apples, 2 bottles fine Kilrae brandy, silver cup, lantern and 5 oil flasks, 50 ft. of rope, grapnel, 2 sm. and 2 lg. sacks (empty), pouch with 8 gems, money pouch (5 silver), extra clothing
A warhorse stallion and 2 fillies, gift of Lord Willam after his rescue.
Superior chainmail with padded undercoat
Norman helm and coif
Morning Star+12
War Axe+9

Weapons:BlowsxWDF% Parry% HitCrit
Dodge bonus:
Active shield parry:


Name :
Type :
Very Good medium warhorse, palamino

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