Monday, April 8, 2013

Basic Fantasy and Labyrinth Lord read-throughs

I read through the Basic Fantasy and Labyrinth Lord RPGs this weekend. I read the 2nd Edition BFRPG and Sept. 2009 Revised Release of Labyrinth Lord.

Labyrinth Lord
LL is a B/X D&D retro-clone. It provides all the things you expect from a Moldvay-influenced game: -3-to-+3 attribute bonuses, race as class, a good spell list, a great bestiary, and a nice combat system. LL is the bedrock upon which many other games are built.

I hate Race-as-Class. This is the biggest drawback to LL for me.

Basic Fantasy
BF is not specifically a retro-clone of anything, though it is very close to LL, with the very welcome exception of Race-as-Class. Most everything else is similar. There are a few more rules to handle things like falling, etc. The Magical Research and Strongholds sections are very good, much expanded from LL's similar sections. I find the book to be much easier to read and find things.

If I was going to build a supplement for a game, I'd pick Basic Fantasy at this point, but that will likely change as I read more OSR systems.