Wednesday, April 17, 2013

S&W Day: Speaking of Death Rays in the Dungeon

In honor of Swords and Wizardry Appreciation Day, I was thinking about saving throws. I went on to write an article about saving throws that had little to do with S&W, but it did include the infamous Save vs. Death Ray. Wayne Rossi wrote this fun little Death Ray table. So, my mind said, "What about other kinds of rays, beside Death?" Here is my table, usable with S&W:

Non-Death Ray Table (d12)

  1. Target is able to fly and immediately flies 30 feet up in the air. Watch out if you're in a short corridor.
  2. Target gets cloned. But it's an evil clone who tries to kill the original and takeover their life. If the clone is killed, it will appear later as a nemesis.
  3. Target is teleported 100 feet in a random direction (roll d6: 1= N, 2=S, 3=E, 4=W, 5=D, 6=U). For extra variety, roll twice and combine. GM gets to decide if teleporting into solid rock is bad.
  4. Gun produces poison gas, which slowly wafts toward the target. Beware of using outside in a headwind.
  5. Target is healed of all damage.
  6. Target becomes friendly to the user and their party. If they were hostile, they stop fighting. If already friendly, they become your best buddy. And they have beer.
  7. Target falls deeply in love with the user. Target also has a very high libido. Ray gun has no notion of gender or species.
  8. Target becomes a slave of the user. Will perform any task they ask, even kill themselves.
  9. Target becomes totally afraid of the user. Will try to run in fear. If trapped, will cower and shit themselves.
  10. Target becomes invisible. User becomes invisible to the target. Hilarity ensues.
  11. Target's physical reactions are slowed way down. They can only act every other turn.
  12. Target changes Alignment. Pick the polar opposite of the current alignment. True Neutral gets the delusion that Gods don't exist. Think virulent, outspoken Atheist activist.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, and I love this. The Death Ray post is actually from back in 2009, and it's far and away the most popular post I've ever done on the blog.